Ever since the beginning of time man has worked, fought, and died for the ownership of land. Land is also a limited commodity. As the population increases land becomes more valuable. The purchase of land can be an important part of your overall investment portfolio. Investors know this and hire a licensed land surveyor to survey and mark their property. If a problem is found during the survey then the investor can negotiate a better purchase price. If no problems are found then the investor has documented proof of what the own.

Homeowners make a big investment in the purchase of their residence. For many this may be the biggest single purchase of their lives. Yet many homeowners rely on the advice of their real estate agent, the seller, or the title attorney, to tell them what they are buying. Like the investor, the homeowner needs to hire a professional, someone not involved with the purchase. The small price of a Mortgage Location Survey or a Boundary Survey should not be overlooked when making such a big investment.