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Boundary Surveys

($500 and up) Depending on Size, Location, and Topography

Boundary Surveys also called Stake Surveys are done by a registered land surveyor. We begin by researching the county records getting copies of your deed and the deeds for the property that surrounds yours. Depending on your property location we may investigate highway drawings, subdivision plats, recorded surveys, recorded agreements or any number of things that may affect your property. Every survey is unique to itself. No two jobs are alike.
Once we have investigated the courthouse records we check our own in house records for surveys that we have done in the area. We have well over 40,000 surveys in our files. All surveyors will agree that the more information you can get on a piece of property the better your survey conclusion will be.
Next we send one of our experienced field crews out to begin the work. They are going to spend a large portion of time just looking for and recovering points that have been described and called for in the courthouse documents. This can make all the difference in the world. Just as with information, the more points or monuments we can recover the better our final conclusion will be.
Once the survey crew if confident that they have found and recovered all the points that still exist then the actual surveying will begin. Professional Surveying Services keeps up to date with both continuing education and the latest surveying products. This only makes our job easier. From fully robotic total stations, Trimble GPS rovers, and Ranger and Recon waterproof data collectors, we can gather, analize, and finalize your survey there on the job site.
Finally having recovered beginning monuments, measured and located these points, analized the data and made the final boundary resolution we carefully set your property corners and measure and locate existing buildings. When this field work is complete we walk the property with you explaining what we have found and answering any questions you might have.

What to expect from us.

* We set an exact date and time to meet you at your property.
* We do all the courthouse research.
* We set your property corners. Capped pins, X-cut, or Spike.
* We set wood stakes along property sidelines.
* We measure and locate existing buildings on the property.
* We prepare a Plat of Survey describing the field survey.
* We can deliver the Plat in just about any format you need.

Survey Caps

Iron Pins

The iron pins that we set at your property corners are 5/8 inch by 30 inch rebar with a yellow surveyors cap.
These capped iron pins will be set flush to the ground in mowed or travelled area's. In wooded area's the tops of these capped iron pins are set up above the ground just a few inches to help in later recovery.
If your property corner falls onto a concrete area then we cut a small X into the concrete to mark the exact location.
If your property corner happens to fall into blacktop or asphalt we will set a small highly magnetic spike also known as a PK nail at the exact corner.

Wood Stakes

The wood stakes that we set along your property sidelines are usually 18 inches by 2 inches by 2 inches. We then set what is known as a surveyors tack in the top of this wood stake to define the property line exactly. In the summer months when the ground gets really hard we may use a 12 inch long stake as a substitute.
By setting these stakes you will be able to walk and see your property line from corner to corner. This is exactly what you need to landscape, trim, or fence your property. We are happy to walk with you and answer questions.

Paper, E-mai, or Disk

Plat of Survey

The Plat of Survey is a professional drawing prepared with computer aided design (CAD). This drawing is a legal document that can be used to defend your property in a court of law. This drawing of the field survey describes the acreage of the property, the deed references, the monuments found and set, and the location of the existing buildings on site. This drawing will point out differences between deed lines and occupation lines if they exist. Each drawing is stamped and signed by a licensed surveyor.

We are here to answer your questions.

We would be happy to give you a price estimate. We need to know the property address, approximate size, and if this property is hilly or wooded. The more we know the better our estimate will be.

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