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Dividing or moving lot lines.

If you have decided to sell part of your property, or move a lot line with a neighbor this can be accomplished either by doing what is called a 7-11 transfer or a replat of your lot if the property is in a recorded subdivision.

When you call we will setup an appointment for the survey crew to meet with you on your property. We can discuss with you your options for moving the lot line and what will be involved.  Normally we walk with you and decide from your input on where the new division line will be.

Next the survey crew will begin recovering monuments and existing property corners so we can establish your property lines that will be involved with the change. Once we have enough information the crew will begin locating points along the proposed new line. If the new division line is near any existing structure we will measure and locate the structure to have a reference of the location.

The field crew will return to the office with the collected information. That's when our drafting department will take over, downloading the information into AutoCad and beginning the preliminary drawings of how the change will look. Once this preliminary sketch is complete we deliver a copy to you for review.  Now is the time to make any changes or modifications. Take your time. Ask us questions. We are happy to help.

As soon as everyone is in agreement with the design of the new division line then our drafting department prepares the final plat that will get recorded with the county. Area calculations , closure tables, and the new legal descriptions are all prepared.  Depending on if the plat we prepare is a 7-11 transfer or a replat of a subdivision lot there will be certain signatures, including yours, that will be needed. In most cases the surveyor cannot record this plat. This needs to be done by the owner or owners attorney.

Once the county has reviewed, accepted, and recorded the plat, the survey crew will return to set the new property corners. Many times we set them well before this process is complete. As in a Boundary Survey we set capped iron pins that become permanent markers of the new line.

View an example of a Lot Split

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