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Rather then selling a portion of your lot to a neighbor maybe granting an easement would be the better solution.

Easement Plats

An Easement Plat is created to give access to someone onto or across another person's property. There are usually two kinds of easements that can be created. A public easement and a private easement. As an example if you or your neighbor wanted to construct a new garage but did not have room for the entire driveway, then a private access easement could be created. This would give ingress - egress  rights to travel over the property without having to sell that portion of the lot.

If you own property in a recorded subdivision then there is a chance that you have a public easement on some part of your lot. This is especially true if the subdivision is newer. Many newer subdivisions will create a ten or fifteen foot utility easement along the front lot lines. This gives the utility companies rights to maintain or repair services in that area.

As a home buyer it would be smart to have a Mortgage Inspection done on the property before you purchase. This type of survey will show you easements that may effect your lot without the additional cost of having the property corners set. Many lenders require this before purchase but some in an effort to cut cost and gain your business will forgo the Mortgage Inspection and just add an affidavit from the seller saying there are no survey issues.

We would be happy to speak with you about your options in either granting or receiving an easement with a neighbor.

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