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This would look great on your wall !

Spring is a great time to photograph. The flowers are in bloom, the grass is green, and the trees have new growth. Fall is the other great time to photograph. When the leaves are turning color makes for a fantastic shot. The summer months can be hazy and the colors will be faded out. Winter photography is really the time to photograph for survey control and design work.
Many times a client will want to be in the picture. We can call just before we leave the airport. You will know when we will arrive. We have been asked to include people, dogs, horses, and construction equipment in some of our shots.
We take a number of shots down low and close up and again at higher altitude to give a panoramic view of the area around you. This makes a great gift.

Aerial photographs

Thank you notes.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
This is a great way to sell a property. From real estate brochures and sales to a gift for family and friends.   An aerial photograph of the property says it all. We can let you choose from a number of heights and angles to get that perfect picture. Most clients buy the entire disk from us at one low cost. Or choose your shot and we will have it sized and framed at your request.

Prices start at $250

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Just a few idea's

* Real estate sales
* Company brochure
* Land development ideas
* Photograph the family farm
* Photograph the next group picnic
* Christmas cards