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New metes & bounds descriptions and minor subdivisions.

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Clinton County Engineer's Map Department
46 S. South St Wilmington, Ohio 45177

Phone: 937-382-4335 Fax: 937-383-1552

E-mail: taxmap@dragonbbs.com

Requirements for New Metes and Bounds Description for future conveyance:

1. All new descriptions shall be submitted with survey plat
and will be checked at that time.

2. All new descriptions must meet the minimum standards for
boundary surveys as specified in the Ohio Administrative
Code section 4733-37-O6

3. Any new legal description should have adequate
dimensions or description tied into a lot or
street intersection or a recorded plat with a bearing on
the lot line or street line intersectionalso showing the
r/w widths on the streets.

4. Any new tract description must be referenced to some
known and established point, such as a road intersection
or recorded plat corner.

5. Any tract lying in two or more different Military
Survey, Townships, Counties or in and out of a
corporation, shall break down the acreage which in each.
If proposed split is out of more that one parcel, an
acreage breakdown must be shown which will state haw
much is out of each parcel.

6. Reference shall be made in the deed to the instrument by
which the grantors acquired title to the properly being
conveyed by giving the deed book number and page number
or the Clinton County Recorder's Deed Record, Official
Record or Registered Land Record.

7. Any description of a curve must contain the direction of
the curve (left or right) the radius, arc, and the chord
bearing and distance of same.

8. All acreage shall be calculated to at least the third
decimal place Acreage that is within the road right of
way shall be recited to the third decimal place.

9. All descriptions shall be recited in English units with
optional Metric units in parenthesis.

10. All new descriptions will be subject to computer
verification as to the accuracy of the closure and area
described OAC 4733-37-04 Section C states that in all
new deed descriptions and plats of survey, the lengths
and directions of the lines shall be specified so that
the mathematical error of closure of the property
boundary does not exceed 0. 02 feet in latitudes and 0.
02 feet in departure.

Any proposed split of which is under 5.001 acres is subject to the requirements of the Clinton County Regional Planning:

A. The application for Minor Subdivision shall include the

a. A completed application form available at the Regional Planning Commission Office.

b. The survey map shall show the host parcel and lot(s) created there from The survey map shall show how the new lots fit within the context of the host parcel The acreage involved in the lot(s) and the remaining acreage shall be shown. A metes and bounds legal description of the host parcel and each lot created shall be provided for review and file. Should the remaining land or acreage be sufficient for further division, subdivision, and/or development, the Site Mast Plan requirements of Section 304 shall be addressed before approval is granted by the Commission staff.

c. Registration number, seal, and signature of land surveyor responsible for the survey map. Further, the map shall state that the survey is a minor subdivision.

d Date, north point/arrow and acreage of host parcel and lots.

e. Name and address of Owner(s) of parcel(s) and name(s) of owner(s) of adjoining parcels.

f. A location or vicinity map for the purpose of locating the site and host parcel to be subdivided in relation to the surrounding neighborhood and community. The vicinity map should be at a scale of not less that two thousand (Z, 000) feet to one (1) inch.

g. Plat boundaries and lot lines drawn to scale presented on an 18" x 24" Mylar sheet and at a scale between 1 " =10' and 1 " =100'.

h. Center lines of street(s), existing and proposed right-of-way and easements

i. Previous lots or blocks, and their number(s).

j. Existing structures and dug and/drilled wells.

k. The proposed building front, side and rear yard setback lines.

l. Direction of natural drainage, water courses, significant natural features and flood plains.

m. Location of proposed septic system area(s) or sanitary sewer line(s).

n. Location of proposed driveway or points of ingress and egress, and location of nearest existing driveways within 300 feet of the proposed lot.

o. Location of overhead electric lines, and underground gas or oil pipelines.

p. Certifications placed on the plat shall include; Notarized certification of ownership of the land being subdivided